2012 I was the camerawoman of Another Lazy Sunday Productions. Every Sunday we filmed a new musical act in London and its surroundings, later on also in Paris and Berlin. The concept of the web video sessions was to film intimate live-performances without any cut in picture and sound. A true challenge for both artist and production crew!

Camera: Annabella Maneljuk
Sound: Panagiotis Papagiannopoulos
Edit: Sarah Doody
Direction & produktion: David Cordon

The following two music video documentaries have been produced in France:

Due to Jahmai’s stubbornness, we where only allowed to film one single take. Luckily we nailed it! One Take, one Love;)

Le Spark excelled at implementing french clichés… Trés beautiful!

The following clips have been filmed in and around the London area:

The following videos are in a slightly different format featuring Deepchild (Berlin), The Lost Souls Club (Brighton, UK) and Passenger (Brighton, UK):

London, 2012