For the non-commercial art and culture association contain’t e.V. I created various videos in 2014 & 2015. Goal of this campaign was to create affordable artist’s studios in Stuttgart by implementing a “plug & play workspace”. Using the crowdfunding platform Startnext the campaign met the funding target of 20 000€.

Camera & edit: Annabella Maneljuk, Simon Wallenda

Direction: Marco Trotta


Stuttgart, 2015


Below another video I did some camerawork for.
A film by Jakob Bauer.
Cameras: Jakob Bauer, Annabella Maneljuk, Patrick Schütz


Stuttgart, 2015


This video projection I created for contain’t e.V. in the framework of Vagabundenkongress 2014, which was held in Stuttgart as part of Literatursommer 2014.
This video shows words contain’t e.V. came across and was hindered by in their long lasting fight for space and rights for Stuttgart’s artist community.


Stuttgart, 2014